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Who We Are
The leading provider of communication services throughout the Middle East and Africa

With offices in Los Angeles, Beirut and Baghdad, Lunasat is able to provide solutions and services to Governments, Institutions, Corporations, telecom operators and end-users in the Middle East and Africa.

Having started as a System Integration company, Lunasat expanded into a Service Provider with a sizeable Logistics and Support department.

Our edge over the competitors lies in the in-house immediate solutions to our customers’ needs.

Direct relations with our suppliers combined with our own warehousing facilities, makes it possible to answer our client's needs efficiently.
Lunasat's track record can be best proven by the work done in post-war Iraq where under the most extreme conditions our teams were able to install and commission thousands of VSATs providing them with Satellite coverage, maintenance and support from our NOC.

Lunasat solutions encompass:
Defense and security solutions
Fixed Satellite communications solutions covering an ever expanding coverage
Broadband internet access in remote areas beyond
Maritime and Satcom on the move solution
Turnkey solutions executed in harsh environments
Telecom and tactical communications solutions

Lunasat provides customized solutions directly to Governments and large Enterprises and Institutions, as well as working closely with telecommunication operators and system integrators.
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