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Defense & Security
In today’s world, Defense & Security became a necessity for any government to control its territories using state of the art technology.

Based on its commitment of continuous support to its clients, Lunasat invested in this department through dedicated teams that are highly qualified and trained on the latest technology available worldwide.
Lunasat provides complete consultancy for the client in this field, understands well its requirements and proposes the best solutions based on the needs.

Lunasat, over the years, delivered the defence and security solutions below to goverments and government bodies.

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HF Networks: Highly secured and encrypted up to 256 Kbit, with frequency hopping
Multiband Networks: Ground to Air communications VHF / UHF
Tactical BGAN
     Highly qualified support teams
     Maintenance and support center
     Spare parts
Border Security & Protection Program

Understanding and assessing the needs
Develop and deploy the solution
Train and support the client
Provide cameras, sensors, radars and setup of Network Operation Centers
Airport Security Programs

Training for team on the usage of equipment
System development
Teaming up with training companies
VIP Security

Vehicle Armoring
RF/IED Jammers
Guard Services
VIP Protection Solutions
High grade premium service specialized for each client
Cyber Security

Firewall Management
DMZ Management
Terminal Server Management
OS Patch Management
VPN Remote PCN Access Management
Intrusion Detection/Prevention
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